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# 10/01/2024 ---------------------------------------- In Islam and arabic in general, Barakah or Baraka (Arabic: بركة "blessing") is a blessing power, a kind of continuity of spiritual presence and revelation that begins with God and flows through that and those closest to God. But who red the About Me page knows that i'm from Algeria, which is an islamic country and the official language is arabic but has also it's own dialect called "darja" and it's own uses and tradition. In particular the word baraka kind of lost it's own original meaning and has a connotation more similar to "modesty", "settling" and "satisfaction", generally is a positive and virtous thing. I can remember my father complaining about his low paying job and my mother saying "fi7a baraka" which can translate to "it is enough". Or also when somebody is too greedy people will tell him "ma fiksh baraka" that means "you don't have baraka", it's like not having this virtue of settling and being happy with what you have. It's a concept that i really like, this idea of being happy and satisfied with what you have, to be able to settle and to accept. Feeling blessed in any case. It's often used to thank people by saying:

بارك الله فيك ("barakallahu fik")

which means "the baraka of god in you". So it's kind of a blessing, which i like to think means hoping that god is happy/satisfied about you even if you are not perfect, even if you did something wrong.