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# 29/01/2024 ---------------------------------------- I have been studying chinese for a while and i found some chinese characters (汉字, hànzì) that i really love, so i will take note of them here!

(qǐ) i learned it from the word 对不起 (duì bùqĭ) which means sorry. by it self it means "to start" or "to rise". it looks cool af.

(shān) this is pretty basic, it means "mountain". it's so simple and yet beatiful. it does in fact look like a mountain kinda.

(shī) it's actually the simplified version of . i prefer the simplified version. by itself it doesnt have a really interesting meaning, something about the army, but if combined like this 老师 (lăoshī) it means "teacher". i like saying 我是我的老师 (Wǒ shì wǒ de lǎoshī) "i am my teacher". and it looks dope too, i love the first radical.