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I still don't know how i will organize this page but i want to keep it as a journal while i'm trying to go on a detox. I dont want to stop using technology, no way, i love it. i just wanna learn how to do it in a more meaningful way. # 05/12/2023 --------------------------------- For the last month i didn't have any google service on my phone and i didnt use any of the common social medias app. i even disabled all the notifications, even from messaging apps. It wasn't too hard because i always had acceso to the browser, so i could watch a quick video on youtube or do a research google/reddit. But this week i'll go to the next level. I bought a flip phone and i count on completely abandon my smartphone. I will still be using my laptop to study,work,search for things i'm interested into and use my steam deck to play the video games that i like and that make me feel good/satisfied. I don't despise entertainement like some people, the ones on the "self-improvement" wave mostly, do. Instead i love entartainement. it can be a nice movie, a good video game, a book, music, an interesting video on YouTube, browsing interesting pages online or a hobby like calligraphy and drawing. But it should be something you really want. instead i found myseld using my smartphone in ways i really didnt want to, from mindless-scrolling to being always connected and bombarded with information. It was stressing me out and i didn't realize it. # 06/12/2023 --------------------------------- Got my flip phone today! it's so pretty i love it. It plays my mp3s with no problems connected to my bluetooth earphones, that's awesome. other than that it does its work, calls and sms, acts as an alarm too so i can completely ditch my smartphone. Of course i was using my smart-phone for so much more before, how will i do now? i will use my pc for everything. i installed waydroid on my laptop for some things that need android (like a banking app and whatsapp). it works great! super smooth and apps have no problem (used the vanilla rom and installed apks with adb). i'll be less avaiable to my friends and family but it's ok, it's for a good cause. Got also a little book and pen to write things that come to my mind or i have to do later when i have acces to my pc. # 13/12/2023 --------------------------------- I love the terminal, it's so fast, light and simple to use. No settings, no pop ups, no buttons, no borders, it just works. # 22/12/2023 --------------------------------- Life feels so slow without a phone. Days feel longer. Falling a sleep without scrolling IG is weird but i got used to it. The draw-backs are there, absolutely. Sometimes i feel really bored. When waiting for the train for example. but it's ok. Another issue are online maps and being able to check some informations like time-tables or emails or news. But it's ok. u can always find a way around. i think i'm saying "it's ok" too often. but it's ok. It's cute to call people instead of texting them. SMS are still a thing so i use them when i need to message somebody, it would be nice to have all the features that Whatsapp and Telegram have but you can live without. It's a different way of living life. For example a couple of days ago i was at the train station with a friend and he told me that the teacher published the results of a test we took a month before. without a phone i couldnt check my note of course. So i patiently waited until i got home to do it on my laptop. It was a little stressing but in the end it didn't change my life having to wait a bit. i like it. I'm not really more productive without a phone. a bit maybe. but that's not the main thing. I found myself playing more often on the steam deck, studying chinese and practicing calligraphy. I think i thought also a lot more. it's nice. stressing but nice. # 10/12/2023 --------------------------------- Damn it has been a month! And i'm still alive! For the moment i'm not going back at all! I find it amazing at how humans get used to things so rapidly. This is very normal to me now. It's normal to check my online banking from my laptop. It's normal to prepare some things in advance and write them down instead of just searching on the fly them. It's normal to wait for things. It's normal to be bored, to just do nothing some times, just looking around or thinking a bit or not even doing that. I like to think that this has some benefits, probably yes, but i simply do it because i like it. It's silly. It's funny. In the beginning people around you find it funny btu then they get used to it, they start not pressing for an answer from you and they call or SMS if they really need something. You really start noticing people being addicted to their phones more. But it's not their fault. I just hope they are doing what makes them truly happy.