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# 05/12/2023 -------------------------------- I was born on 2001 and my parents where not really into technology so i can say that i remember how life was prior to the "internet". I remember my parents using old flip phones, i remember having a pc with no internet connection, i remember going to rent DVDs with my dad and also getting pirated games for my Nintendo ds from an uncle. When i was 11 y.o. i started browsing the web and at 13 i got my first personal smartphone. Of course i started using all kinds of social-medias, being always in contact with people, consuming content like music, videos, tv shows, anime, p*rn etc. This then became a normal part of my days and life went on. Scrolling memes while in the bathroom, watching a youtube video while eating lunch, cheking the news when i wake up in the morning, reading something on reddit before sleeping, sending so many messages to i dont know how many people a day. Pretty normal right? Many of you will share my same story, it's common, it's how everybody lives today. I'm not saying that i was addicted or that it was wrong, but i probably was. Not in a weird way, i feel like everybody today is addicted to their phones or technology in general. # 06/12/2023 ---------------------------------- I don't know what's my point, i have to rethink about this entry. # 07/12/2023 ----------------------------------
Actually i love my silly little technology. I love listening to music with my bluetooth earbuds. I love to tinker with my laptop. I love to play games with my steam deck.
I hated when i used to spend 3/4 hours a day on instagram scrolling memes without realizing. i didnt feel good while i was doing it, i felt bad after, but i kept doing it. I think the point is that i want to see and use technology as a tool and not being used by it for my precious attention.