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# 02/12/2023 ---------------------------------------- Are we all *actually* unique or are we all the same? sometimes i feel alone, i think that nobody really feels what i feel, that they are just kind of NPCs in my life, not in a bad way, i kind of envy that, being able to just be. Then i wake the fuck up, realize that it is stupid and that everybody is living their own life with their personal feelings and problems. i open up a subreddit about Eating Disorders and i find people living the same things i'm going through. i read the comments of an "obscure" artist that i thought i only liked, or the OSTs of some not really famous game of my childhood, and i find people enjoying it too. That means i'm not unique, out there it's full of people like me. sometimes i feel overwhelmed, by every emotion, it can be depression, it can be obsession, it can be happiness. so other people feel it too? as hard as me? it makes me feel better. the idea of being special is terrifying. i like being like others. i like the idea of "normality".